# Peer Exchange

# Channels

Pex has one channel. The channel identifier is listed below.

Name Number
PexChannel 0

# Message Types

# PexRequest

PexRequest is an empty message requesting a list of peers.


# PexResponse

PexResponse is an list of net addresses provided to a peer to dial.

Name Type Description Field Number
addresses repeated PexAddress List of peer addresses available to dial 1

# PexAddress

PexAddress provides needed information for a node to dial a peer. This is in the form of a URL that gets parsed into a NodeAddress. See ParseNodeAddress (opens new window) for more details.

Name Type Description Field Number
url string See golang url (opens new window) 1

# Message

Message is a oneof protobuf type (opens new window). The one of consists of two messages.

Name Type Description Field Number
pex_request PexRequest Empty request asking for a list of addresses to dial 3
pex_response PexResponse List of addresses to dial 4